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Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 10am - 4pm

Open every day from Boxing Day
to the end of January

June, July, August - Open Sundays only

By arrangement only.

Mr Badger's Cafe
Opens same days and hours as the museum.
Catering for large groups willingly arranged.

Tawhiti Bush Railway
The railway runs on the first Sunday of each month, Sundays during school holidays, and most public holidays, weather permitting.

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Tawhiti Museum Displays

The museum is divided into a series of themed galleries, each using scale and life sized models as well as artifacts, photos and test. All these displays are designed and built in the museum's studios.

The smaller scale figurines are painstakingly sculpted in wax before a mould is made, allowing further copies to be cast.

Whether the subject is shipping, farming, railways of just a small corner of a colonial kitchen, the attention given to research and detail is the same. The settings and figures combine to create strong three-dimensional images of our past.

For Nigel the museum is "one big art project" An ex-art teacher, he now finds outlet for his talents constantly developing new displays for the museum.

"I hope my enthusiasm for local history comes through the displays. I'm particularly aware of drawing children into the displays - they mustn't feel museums are old buildings, full of old dusty junk. Historical display should be exciting and I'm always looking for more innovative ways of making it just that."



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